Who Buys Junk Cars?

Who Buys Junk Cars?

There are several companies and individuals that buy junk cars. They include junk car buyers, auto part buyers, insurance companies and car enthusiasts.

Got a junk car and wondering what you’re going to do with it? Before you pay for it to be towed, here are other solutions to get rid of your junk car.

Options for Selling Your Junk Car

Here is a look at who buys junk cars and why they purchase them.

Junk Car Buyers

If you were to google who buys junk cars near you, you’d get search results filled with junk car buyers such as Sell My Car Online. Companies such as ours are interested in buying your junk car for cash. When cars reach their end-of-life, their mechanical and recyclable parts are still valuable and useful in many cases.

Tip: If you decide to sell your junk car for cash to a junk car buyer near you, do due diligence. There are a lot of scams and cons that you’ll want to avoid. Make sure you sell your car to a company that is legit, BBB accredited, licensed, and insured for your protection.

Insurance Companies

Involved in an accident that wrecked your car? If your car ended up as a total loss or junk car, your insurance company will purchase the car from you at its actual cash value in its current condition. They essentially cut some of their losses by scrapping the vehicle for cash.

Tip: Before allowing your insurance company to keep your junk car, do some research. See what your car could be worth through other markets. You may find that you can get more for your junk car if you choose another path.

Auto Part Buyers

When a car is considered junk, there are still some mechanical parts that can be put to use. Used auto part buyers are interested in parts that are functioning and high in demand.

Tip: Before going down this route, have a mechanic fully inspect your junk car. Have them determine which parts are something. Also, get an estimated value for your car parts before accepting an offer from a car part buyer.

Car Enthusiasts

While selling a junk car to an individual car buyer might be challenging, selling it to a car enthusiast could work. Car enthusiasts are often looking for old junk cars to work on. They might need it for car parts to use on another car. If you have a car or parts they’re interested in, they might make you an offer you weren’t expecting.

Tip: If you’re going to sell your junk car to an enthusiast, do detailing and basic maintenance on the vehicle first. In addition, make sure you provide the buyer with a complete car report.

Each of these are options for selling your junk car. Selecting the right person who buys junk cars will come down to two things. How much are you looking to get for your car and how fast do you want to sell it? Each of these options, of course, is a lot better than simply hauling the car off at additional cost.

Need help getting rid of that junk car? Sell My Car Online buys junk cars across the US. To see what we’ll offer you for your “trash” give one of our agents a call today at (855) 929-0828.