Where Do Totaled Cars Go?

Where Do Totaled Cars Go?

Where do totaled cars go? The answer to this question will greatly depend upon a few factors. However, in most cases, totaled cars end up in pieces, junkyards, auto recycling centers, or repaired and resold.

What Factors Help Determine Where Totaled Cars Go?

When determining the fate of a totaled car, there are several factors that must be considered:

  • How badly the car is damaged (whether it can be salvaged)
  • Who handles the totaled car
  • Whether state regulations declare it totaled

How Bad is Your Totaled Car?

Insurance companies typically declare a car is totaled because the repair costs more than the car’s value. Still, it may not be too bad – you may be able to either repair and drive it or sell it. Have a mechanic give you an estimate on the repairs along with a list of everything that needs it. If there are only a few, you can repair it or sell it. IF there are a lot of repairs, your best bet may be to get rid of your totaled car.

Who Has the Totaled Car?

Who is in possession of the totaled car will give you an idea of where the totaled car will go. For instance, you could sell your totaled car for cash to a junk car removal company such as Sell My Car Online. These types of companies properly recycle and repurpose totaled cars. On the other hand, you could dispose of the car yourself by taking it to a local junkyard for scraps. In this case, the car could sit in a landfill.

Has the State Required it be a Total Loss?

Each state has their own set of regulations when it comes to total loss cars. However, if the car is no longer safe to operate – even after the necessary repairs – the state will require your insurance company to declare the car a total loss and discard the vehicle.

Common Places Totaled Cars Go

Now you know some of the factors that determine where a totaled car will go. Let’s look at some of the most common places where totaled cars end up:

  • Junkyards– Some totaled cars end up in junkyards. Generally, this means that the car was abandoned and was towed to the junkyard. It could also mean a car owner sold the car to the junkyard for car parts and scrap metal. Cars in the junkyard can sit for years until it is disposed of.
  • Auto Part Buyers – Some totaled cars end up in pieces. By this we mean, being taken apart and sold in pieces. If your totaled car has working parts on it, you can sell those parts to auto part buyers for some additional cash.
  • Auto Recycling Centers – For car owners who sell their totaled car to junk car removal companies such as Sell My Car Online, their cars are properly recycled so that the materials can be reused. They collect recyclable materials in the car (about 75% of it) while disposing of unusable ones to reduce waste.

If you want to make sure that your totaled car goes to the right place, contact Sell My Car Online. We pay cash for your totaled car and ensure that the vehicle is recycled. This way, we reduce carbon footprint and contribute to the country’s efforts to recycle 100% of junk cars. Call us at (855) 929-0828 to get started.