When Should I Junk My Car?

When Should I Junk My Car?

You should junk your car when you’re good and ready. However, most of our customers have junked their cars for some common reasons. Some came to the decision because the repairs are too frequent and too much or they can’t find another buyer. Others have done so because they are having trouble getting insurance coverage or the vehicle has become unsafe to drive. Some even junked their vehicle because the car is inoperable and taking up space.

6 Reasons to Junk Your Car

It’s understandable. You’ve had the car a while and have lots of memories with it. Plus, you’ve already invested a lot of money into the thing. It’s almost like part of your family. However, at some point, your car reaches the end of its useful life… Here are some surefire signs you should junk your car.

Repairs too Frequent and Too Much

One of the most common reasons people junk their cars is because the repairs become too often and costlier. As a car surpasses the 150,000 – 200,000-mile mark, the mechanical parts start to deteriorate and malfunction, requiring repair or replacement. When this happens too often, selling the car privately takes time because new buyers don’t want to have to deal with old problems. In this instance, you should junk your car.

Unable to Sell It Privately

You realize that you need a new car and so you’ve put your old one on the market to try and scrape up some cash to get it. You’ve gone to dealerships, posted your car on social media, and even created an ad in the classifieds. But after months of waiting, no one is interested. If no one else is interested in the car anymore, selling your junk car for cash is your best option.

Can’t Get Insurance Coverage

If insurance companies classified your car as a total loss but you opted to keep it, you now have a salvage car. Finding an insurance company that will provide adequate coverage for a now “junk car” is easier said than done. If you do find a company, the rates will likely be high and the coverage options the bare minimum. Not to mention driving without insurance coverage can lead to serious financial repercussions.

The Car is Unsafe to Drive

Having a car where the passenger seat won’t recline anymore might not be a big deal. However, more serious issues should be of concern. Take note when your car keeps running hot and smoking, or when the parking brake or transmission is slipping. You should probably stop driving the car and either make the repairs or junk your car. Driving an unsafe car is detrimental to everyone on the road. If the car is not safe, no matter how badly you need transportation, you should not drive it.

The Fuel Costs Are Too Much

Another expense attached to car ownership is the cost of fuel. As a car gets older, it will lose its fuel-efficiency, therefore burning through gas more quickly. If you find yourself at the pump more often than you’d like, it may be time to junk your car.

Inoperable and Taking Up Space

Did you get a new car and kind of abandon the old one? Or maybe your old car stopped working and you simply never had it removed? If your car is sitting on your property taking up space, you should probably go ahead and junk it. As you know, a car that is on the street, for instance, must be registered and insured. Why pay for something you’re not using when you can junk it and get cash for it?

There are instances in which keeping your car or selling it privately is a better option than junking it. But you might be better off junking your car for any of the above-mentioned reasons.

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