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Sell Nissan for Parts? Think Again – Sell it to Us

Most of us need and rely on our vehicles every day for things like getting to work, getting to the store, taking the kids to school and running other errands. And while we love our cars, there’s the conundrum of what to do with them when they reach the end of their life, for one reason or another. Perhaps a vehicle has aged to the point where it’s not worth the maintenance to keep it running. Or maybe you’re uncomfortable with the amount of miles that you’ve put on your vehicle, despite it being in fairly good condition. Maybe your car has been totaled to the point where it’s just sitting in a heap on your property and you’re Googling “Nissan salvage yard near me” just to get rid of the eyesore it has become. Regardless of your situation, know that we’ll buy your vehicle off of you, whether it’s in mint condition or has been badly damaged.

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We Buy Used Nissan

In fact, while we’re always happy to buy Nissan vehicles in any condition, we actually specialize in buying Nissans that are busted beyond reasonable repair. And our offers are fair, we deliver them fast and we’ll never hassle you into working with us. This page is designed to provide an overview of our Nissan car buying process, and it includes information on the benefits of working with us, the best times to sell your old Nissan and more. Feel free to continue reading to learn more, or log on to our website to get started with your vehicle today.

Sell a Nissan Online: Benefits of Working With Us

Why work with us, you ask. There are plenty of reasons. For starters, do you know of anyone else out there that’s prepared to offer you a fair price for a badly damaged Nissan vehicle? That’s where we shine. Here’s a look at some of the other benefits of working with us:

  • We’re fast: We respect your time. It’s why we propose our offers on your old Nissan vehicles in minutes. That’s right, minutes. If you try to shop your vehicle at a used car dealership or through the classifieds, you have to greatly invest in the process. A car dealer will likely want to test drive it and have it assessed by a mechanic. It could be hours before you get an estimate on your vehicle. And if you sell it by owner, you have to manage classifieds, field phone calls from interested parties, arrange for test drives and go through the hassle of transferring the registration when a deal is reached. All you need to do to work with us is log on to our website, enter in some information about your Nissan and we’ll present you with an offer within minutes. You can’t beat that when it comes to convenience.
  • We’re hassle-free: Once you get an offer on your vehicle, there’s never any pressure in working with us. If you decide that our model isn’t right for you, we’ll never hassle you – we’ll simply wish you luck and invite you to come back and work with us if you change your mind. Try getting out of a used car dealership without an associate pulling out all the stops to get your business.
  • We’re fair: Last but not least, we’re very fair. In fact, we pride ourselves on being fair and ethical in our operations. We make our offers on all Nissan vehicles using various industry resources that help us determine the market value price of your vehicle. In fact, if you want to know how we came up with the offer we proposed, all you need to do is ask. We’re very transparent about our process and are always happy to thoroughly explain it to you.

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to work with us when it comes to selling your old Nissan. You just can’t beat our speed, convenience, fairness and pressure-free business model.

Best Times to Sell a Nissan

We often get asked when the best times to sell your Nissan are. While we encourage you to sell when you’re ready and not try to plan around the ideal times (life is unpredictable, after all), there are a few times to keep in mind if you want to try to maximize the offer we present. For instance:

  • Sell at the end of the year: Vehicles depreciate every year, and the industry resources that we tap into to value used vehicles are typically updated with each new year. It can pay (literally) to try to sell us your vehicle in fall through the end of the year before the resources are updated to reflect another year of depreciation.
  • After you’re in an accident: If you’re in an accident and your Nissan has been badly damaged, we encourage you to sell quickly after the incident. That’s because the longer a vehicle sits, the greater the likelihood of any usable components becoming damaged as well. The likes of gas, oil, refrigerant and other fluids can possibly leak into usable components, affecting how well they perform. But if we’re able to buy your vehicle quickly after an accident, we can greatly minimize the risk of damage to these valuable components.

Like we said, there’s never really a bad time to sell, but the aforementioned can make for some good food for thought if you want to try to maximize the offer.

Nissan Models We Buy

Like we’ve said, we’ll buy any Nissan model of any model year regardless of the condition that it’s in. But if you need some more inspiration on what vehicles we’ll purchase, we’ve compiled this list of some of the ones that we’ve recently purchased. Here’s a look:

  • Versa: Versa stands for “versatile space,” which is what you can get out of Nissan’s compact sedan. It began production in 2006 and has been available in four-door sedan and hatchback models.
  • Leaf: In production since 2010, the Leaf is Nissan’s all-electric compact car. It comes in a five-door hatchback style and gets more than 100 miles on a full charge.
  • Sentra: The Sentra has taken on various other names since it began production in 1982, such as Sunny, Sylphy, Tsuru, Pulsar and Teana. It’s also existed as a subcompact car and a compact car.
  • Altima: The Altima has been built as a mid-size vehicle since 2001, though it was originally introduced as a compact car in 1992.
  • Maxima: Like the Altima, the Maxima was originally introduced as a compact car when it began production in 1981. It moved up a vehicle class to a mid-size sedan from 1988 to 2014 and now is built as a full-size vehicle.
  • 370Z: This two-door sports car has been in production since 2009, serving as a successor to the 350Z. The vehicle comes in both coupe and roadster formats.
  • GT-R: Another one of Nissan’s sports car vehicles, the GT-R has been in production since 2007. The two-door coupe serves as a successor to the Skyline GT-R in the automaker’s vehicle lineup.
  • Kicks: The Kicks is Nissan’s subcompact crossover vehicle, which has largely replaced the Nissan Juke.
  • Rogue: The crossover Rogue SUV is one of Nissan’s most popular vehicles, having been in production since 2007. The Rogue also comes in a Sport edition.
  • Murano: The Murano is a step up from the Rogue, and is classified as a mid-size crossover. It has been in production since 2003 and is currently in its third generation of development.
  • Pathfinder: The Pathfinder is a long-running Nissan full-size crossover SUV that’s been in production since 1986. It initially began as a compact SUV in 1986, then moved up to a mid-size SUV in 1995. Since 2012, it has been made as a full-size SUV.
  • Armada: Nissan’s Armada is the sister vehicle to the Pathfinder, a full-size SUV. It has been in production since 2004.
  • Frontier: The Frontier is Nissan’s entry-level truck model, and it’s offered as either a two-door or four-door vehicle. In production since 1997, it replaced Nissan’s D21 series of trucks.
  • Titan: A step up from the Frontier, the Titan is Nissan’s full-size pickup truck. It comes in two-door and four-door formats and has been in production since 2004. The Titan is also offered in an XD version.
  • Juke: The sleek, sporty Juke is still in production today, though it didn’t quite get the reception that the company had hoped for upon its introduction in 2010.

Remember, these are just a sampling of the Nissan models we buy. We’ll buy anything!

Sell Used Nissan: Contact Us Today for More Information

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about our process. If you want to learn more or kick start selling your Nissan today, simply log on to our website or contact us today. Remember, we make things easy, convenient and hassle-free for you, so there’s nothing to lose by just giving us a shot. And also remember, we’ll buy any Nissan model of any model year and it doesn’t matter what type of condition the vehicle is in. Contact us today or log on to our website to start the process of selling us your Nissan today.