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Sell A Mercedes Online

Are you trying to sell your Mercedes vehicle? Any type of Mercedes vehicle? Maybe you're selling because something happened to your vehicle where it's in less than stellar shape? Or you could just be looking to move out with the old and in with the new?

Sell My Mercedes
We Buy Used Mercedes

Whether your Mercedes has been in a crash, needs extensive repair or if you're just looking to sell a Mercedes for some extra money to put toward a new vehicle purchase, you've come to the right place. It's simple to get started here and we make it easy to understand what your vehicle is worth. We buy Mercedes of all models and model years, and we're proud to offer a fair market price for your old vehicle, no matter what kind of condition it's in. We'll even offer you a free, no-hassle estimate on your old Mercedes.

Are You Selling Your Mercedes?

High mileage? Were you in a crash? Does your vehicle need a repair that you're unwilling to have performed? Does it have some sort of mechanical issue? Like we said, we buy Mercedes vehicles of all makes and model years - and it doesn't matter what condition it is in, we'll make you a free, no-hassle offer today. In fact, that's our specialty - purchasing Mercedes vehicles in less than mint condition. Heck, we'll even make you an offer if your vehicle has been completely totaled and will likely never set tire on the road again. It's what we do, and we're very good, ethical and fair about it. For instance, we're always scouring the latest resources to offer the most relevant prices to consumers who sell used Mercedes vehicles to us as a means of ensuring we're being as fair as possible. Now, it goes without saying that some Mercedes vehicles will earn a larger offer than others, but we'll never turn down the opportunity to work with you. Like we said, we buy Mercedes vehicles of all models, model years and condition.

Don't worry if you think your mileage is far too high. Don't sweat it if the vehicle body is in poor shape or if the interior seats have rips and stains. Don't hesitate to contact us if the vehicle won't even turn on at all - we'll make you a fair offer to take it off your hands. And we'll pay you cash if you agree to it.

When Should I Sell My Mercedes?

For the best possible offer, we'd advise you to be strategic when it comes to when you decide to sell. For example, if you've got a Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet convertible, bring it to our attention in the summer months when demand is likely to be higher. You'll likely receive a better offer than if you were to sell it during the winter months. We'd also recommend that if you're looking to sell, you try to do it before March or September. This is typically when the data is updated to better reflect the age of the car. Seeing as how older cars aren't valued as much as newer cars, this can potentially reflect the amount of the offer.

So if you're thinking to yourself, "Where is the Mercedes salvage yard near me?" or "How can I sell Mercedes for parts?" think again. Contact us first for a free estimate on what we'll give you to take your old Mercedes off your hands. After all, it's what we're experts at.

Why Work With Us?

We value your time, which is why we won't take up much of it when it comes to our vehicle assessment process. All we ask is that you provide a few key details about your Mercedes to help us evaluate it and make you an offer on it. We'll then take the information and provide you with an offer quickly, usually in minutes. If you're still interested in working with us after we make you an offer, great - we can continue the process. But if the offer doesn't meet your expectations, we'll never pressure you into doing business.

Mercedes Models We Buy

What type of Mercedes vehicles do we buy? You name it, we'll buy it - it's as simple as that. Any model, any model year, any condition - you bring it to us, and we'll be happy to make you a competitive cash offer for it. For a more comprehensive overview of some of the Mercedes vehicles that we've purchased in the past (and will certainly be happy to purchase again in the future), scroll down to the next sections.

Sedans and Wagons

  • C-Class Sedan: Mercedes vehicles are all synonymous with sophistication and elegance, and its C-Class of sedans are essentially the automaker's entry-level offering in this category. Vehicles in the C-Class include the C 300, the C 300 4MATIC, the C 350e Plug-in Hybrid, the AMG C 43, the AMG C 63 and the AMG C 63S.
  • E-Class Sedans: A step up from the C-Class family of cars, the E-Class vehicles are designed to be more stylish. Vehicles in this class are also packed with more safety features as well. Vehicles in the class include the E 300, E 300 4MATIC, E 400 4MATIC, AMG E 43 and AMG E 63S.
  • S-Class Sedans: This is the most luxurious family of sedans that the Mercedes automaker produces, and it excels when it comes to performance, luxurious features and safety. Vehicles that make up the S-Class include the S 450, S 450 4MATIC, S 560, S 560 4MATIC, AMG S 63 and AMG S 65.
  • S-Class Maybach: Available in two trims (S 560 4MATIC and S 650), the Maybach is the epitome of first class in a sedan platform.
  • E-Class Wagon: Most people don't associate luxury with a wagon, but the Mercedes E-Class Wagon checks everything off the list when it comes to practicality and performance.


  • CLA Coupe: This is Mercedes' most affordable vehicle, featuring a sleek design, a 208 horsepower engine and a reasonable price tag to boot.
  • C-Class Coupe: A sporty vehicle in a two-door platform, the C-Class Coupe is the middle option in Mercedes' comprehensive coupe offerings.
  • E-Class Coupe: A step up from the C-Class Coupe is the E-Class Coupe.
  • CLS Coupe: The coupe grows from two to four doors in the CLS version, but maintains its sleek style and favorable performance.
  • S-Class Coupe: Everything about the S-Class Coupe screams "luxury." The vehicle is a handcrafted two-door vehicle that excels on the road and offers the luxurious interior environment that drivers yearn for.


  • GLA SUV: This is Mercedes' version of the compact SUV. It's small, but still highly functional, stylish and high-performing.
  • GLC SUV: This is a step up from the GLA model, offering greater size and better performance.
  • GLC Coupe: This crossover SUV/coupe is a stylish, innovative vehicle that blends sportiness and functionality.
  • GLE SUV: Safety meets style and luxury in this enhanced SUV.
  • GLE Coupe: It's everything that the GLE SUV offers, except more in a coupe-like sporty style.
  • GLS SUV: This big SUV seats up to seven passengers, and is among the most spacious and luxurious vehicles that Mercedes builds.
  • G-Class SUV: Ideal for off-roading, this family of SUVs offers first-class power and durability without skimping on driver and passenger comfort.


  • C-Class Cabriolet: This two-seat soft-top convertible is ideal for year-round driving.
  • E-Class Cabriolet: Another year-round convertible, the E-Class Cabriolet family of cars seats up to four passengers comfortably.
  • S-Class Cabriolet: Fun, stylish and sophisticated - the S-Class Cabriolet convertible is a vehicle in a class of its own.
  • SLC Roadster: Equipped with a hard top, this two-seater is for drivers who love a sense of adventure on the open road.
  • SL Roadster: A faster, more stylish two-seater for driving enthusiasts.
  • AMG GT Roadster: Go 0 to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds when you're behind the wheel of this slick whip.

Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

Mercedes also offers several vehicles with hybrid or electric powertrains. These include the C-Class Sedan Plug-in Hybrid, GLC SUV 4MATIC and the GLE SUV 4MATIC Plug-in Hybrid.

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Thanks for taking the time to read and review this information regarding the sale of your Mercedes automobile. Remember, it doesn't matter what year, what model or what type of condition your Mercedes is in, we'll make you an offer for it. It's what we do, and we do it in a manner that's convenient and fair to you. All we need is a bit of information about the vehicle to give you a fair, market value quote. We hope that you found this page helpful and we invite you to contact us today to learn more about the process, how it works and what types of Mercedes vehicles we purchase. We're always happy to help walk you through the process, and remember, there's never any pressure to do business with us if you're not happy with the offer we give or our procedures. For more information, visit our website or call us today.