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Sell a Lexus Online Today

Have a Lexus that won't start? Have a Lexus that costs more to repair than what it's worth? Have you totaled your Lexus to the point where you're just Googling how you can "sell Lexus for parts" or "Lexus salvage yard near me?" You've come to the right place.

Sell Your Lexus
We buy used Lexus

Let us do the heavy lifting for you, because we'll take that old Lexus off your hands whether it's in mint condition or won't ever set tire to the road again. Any model, any model year and any condition - we're happy to make you a fast, competitive, fair offer to buy your old Lexus today. That's right, it doesn't matter if your Lexus has literally been driven off a cliff to the point where it's barely still together, we'll tap into our industry resources to offer you a fair market value price to take it off your hands. In fact, while we're proud to buy Lexus vehicles no matter what condition they're in, you could say that we specialize in purchasing those that are in poor or damaged standing. It's just what we do, and we're very good - and fair - at it. Lexus’ current slogan is “experience amazing.” You can expect the same type of service and satisfaction when you work with us. Feel free to browse this page about the benefits of working with us to sell your Lexus, ideal times to sell, models we often by and more.

When Should I Sell My Lexus?

When should you sell your Lexus? It's a great question that we get all the time. Let's put it this way: While there's never a bad time to sell your Lexus, certain times of the year can typically fetch you a better offer for your used automobile than others can. Usually, the best time to buy is at or around the end of the year, before the auto resources that we rely on to assess each vehicle are updated. It's a known fact that the older a vehicle is, the less it's going to be worth (in most cases). On this note, it often behooves people to try to move their vehicles prior to the end of the year, before another year of depreciation comes to fruition.

Additionally, if your Lexus has just been in an accident and you don’t intend on having it repaired and just want to get rid of it, it’s better to act sooner rather than later. If you wait to sell it, certain components or parts may also fail or be less valuable due to being unused for a certain period of time.

With all this said, we'll make you a fair offer on your vehicle at any time of the year, always! And while you can usually get a better offer at certain times of the year, we encourage people to approach us with their Lexus vehicles when they're ready to sell and not so much when "the book" tells them to be ready.

Why Work With Us?

First and foremost, we're fair and honest. We're not going to try to rip you off when it comes to purchasing your old Lexus. No, we rely on various automotive resources that help us determine the value of a particular Lexus with respect to the condition that it's in. We're not the kind of company that's going to take you for a ride (no pun intended), and to prove it, we'll even show you the resources we used to get to the offer that we propose to you.

Secondly, we respect your time. It's why we pride ourselves on super-fast estimates. That way, if you decide not to work with us, the most you were out was just a couple minutes of time. That's right, we said minutes. All you need to do is contact us or log on to our website, enter some basic information and answer some basic questions about your Lexus, and we'll provide you with a fair, market value estimate in minutes.

Last (but certainly not least), we'll never pressure you into working with us. If you decide that what we offered isn't what you're looking for, then we'll happily wish you luck in your future endeavors with the vehicle. And if you decide after shopping around that we were the best fit for you, we're happy to welcome you back and do business with you. It’s really that fast, easy and convenient.

So why work with us? Why not? When it's this easy, fair and hassle-free, you've got nothing to lose. We offer a truly win-win proposition. We’ll buy your old Lexus off of you, and you can avoid the trouble of figuring out what to do with an old, beaten down vehicle.

Lexus Models We Buy

In case you didn't believe us when we said that we'll buy any model and model year Lexus (and in any condition you can think of), we've put together this list that includes some of the most common Lexus models that we've bought. Just remember, if you've got a Lexus that you don't see on this list - we'll buy that too! Here's a look:

  • IS: Lexus’ entry level sedan has been in production since 1998. It’s classified as an executive compact car – and it’s high in style and low in price (at least as far as Lexus is concerned).
  • ES: A step up from the IS is the ES, which is currently developed as a mid-sized, four-door sedan. When it initially began production in 1989, it was built as a compact sedan. The ES is currently in its seventh generation of development and is also available in a hybrid version.
  • GS: The GS is Lexus’ mid-size luxury vehicle, but this mid-size whip can pack a punch. Currently in its fourth generation of development, it can be equipped with the power of a V8 engine. Like the ES, the GS is also available in a hybrid version and a GS F version.
  • LS: The LS Is Lexus’ full-size luxury vehicle. It has been in production since 1989 and has adapted a sportier, sleeker look over time. It’s also available in a hybrid version.
  • NX: The most compact of the crossovers offered by Lexus, the NX is also a fairly new model. The five-door SUV was introduced in 2015, with the “NX” meaning “nimble crossover.” It’s also available in a hybrid version.
  • RX: This five-door SUV is a step up from the NX and classified as a mid-size crossover vehicle. It’s been in production since 1998, though from 1998 to 2003 it was classified as a compact luxury crossover. Like the NX, it’s available in a hybrid version.
  • GX: A bit boxier in style than both the RX and NX, Lexus’ GX is also a bit bigger in size. This mid-size SUV has been in production since 2002 and is currently in its second generation of development.
  • LX: The LX is Lexus’ only full-size SUV currently offered. It’s been built since 1995 and is available with gas or diesel fuel engines.
  • RC: Lexus also produces a line of coupes, with the RC being its introductory model. This coupe has only been in production since 2014, and it’s also offered in an RC F version.
  • LC: Also offered in a hybrid version, the LC is a performance coupe that was introduced in 2018. Its gas engine is a 5 liter V8, while the hybrid version has a 3.5 liter V6 under the hood.
  • LFA: This two-door coupe was only produced in the 2011 and 2012 model years, and it came with an MSRP in the several hundreds of thousands of dollars range. Though production was short lived, the LFA has gone done in lore as Lexus’ supercar.
  • SC: This sports coupe was produced by Lexus from 1991 to 2010. It was available as either a hard top or convertible and was eventually replaced by the IS.
  • HS: The HS, Lexus’ dedicated hybrid, ended production in 2017, and was classified as the automaker’s entry-level vehicle. It was replaced by the IS, which is also currently available as a hybrid.

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Stop Googling "sell used Lexus," because you've come to the right place. And if you'd like more information on our fast, hassle-free and convenient process, feel free to contact us today or log on to our website for more thorough information. Like we said above, it doesn't matter the Lexus model, the model year or the condition it's in, we're happy to make you an offer for it. Contact us today for more comprehensive information about our business model, value proposition and more. We're standing by ready to make you an estimate on your used Lexus - regardless of what kind of shape it is in.

Chances are you drove in comfort and luxury throughout the duration of owning your Lexus. We pride ourselves on offering the same type of first-class service to customers who work with us. See for yourself today.