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Sell an Audi Online Today

Got a used Audi you're looking to get rid of? Maybe it's in mint condition and just past its prime. Or maybe it's a full-blown junker and it's just taking up space in an unsightly manner on your property. Maybe it needs extensive repair that you're unwilling to put into it. Maybe you've just gotten into an accident and were told that the vehicle is totaled.

Sell My Audi
We Buy Used Audi

Though the reasons may be endless, whatever your situation, we're here to buy your old Audi off of you. And it doesn't matter what model Audi it is, what model year it is or what condition it is in, we'll buy it off of you for a fair price. If you think your Audi is too big of a clunker to get rid of, think again. We actually specialize in buying wrecked Audis or vehicles that need extensive repair. No repair is too much for us! Read on for a brief overview of how our business works, when the best time to sell your used Audi is and why you should be working with us to unload your old vehicle.

When Should I Sell My Audi to You?

If you Google "sell used Audi," you'll get a whole bunch of different resources and advice on when to sell. Here's our advice: There's never a bad time to sell! Saying that, however, there are certain times of the year that can prove to be more valuable than others when it comes to selling your car. Specifically, you want to try to sell before the industry resources that value used Audis are updated, as it's common knowledge that the older a vehicle is, the more it depreciates in value. Certainly there are some exceptions, but generally selling your vehicle between fall and the end of the year will net you the biggest return. But like we said, when you work with a company like us that buys any Audi off of you regardless of the model, model year and/or condition, there's never a bad time to sell it.

Speaking of condition, you can also usually fetch a bigger offer if you sell it to us shortly after it’s involved in a wreck or suffers any sort of damage to its components. The longer a vehicle sits, the more likely other parts or components won’t work, so sooner is always better than later.

Why Work With Us to Sell Your Audi?

If you're asking the above question, chances are you've already done a little bit of homework and shopping around to see what you might be able to get for your old Audi. Or in the case that your vehicle is totaled, you may have even been wondering where to sell Audi for parts or where to find an Audi salvage yard near me. You won't have to worry about locating local junkyards or shopping your car to a used auto dealer any longer. Why? Because we buy everything and anything. We're essentially your one stop shop for taking your old Audi off of your hands, no matter whether it's junked beyond repair or it's in mint condition. In addition to serving as your one-stop buying shop, there are a variety of other benefits to working with us. These include:

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T: That's right, respect. In that we respect your time. That's why we pride ourselves on getting you an estimate on your Audi within minutes. Just log on to our website to sell a Audi online, type in some information about the vehicle and we'll have you an estimate to buy it off you within minutes. We make sure that we're respectful of your time so that you're minimally inconvenienced - no matter whether you decide to take our offer or pass it up. Unlike other car dealers that want to test drive the vehicle, have it checked out by a mechanic and then sell you a new car on top of that, we'll get you an estimate in minutes - not hours. You can't beat that.
  • Hassle-free: To piggyback off the above point, we'll never trick you or pressure you into working with us. It's part of the reason why we strive to make our offers within minutes - so there is only minutes of your time invested in our process if you decide to go another way. So if you're not happy with the offer on your Audi, we'll wish you good luck and thank you for your time, guaranteed!
  • Fair: Finally, we pride ourselves on being very fair. We rely on industry resources to help us come up with a market value estimate of your vehicle, and we're always happy to explain our offers to you and tell you where we pulled the information from. Bottom line: We'll never try to pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to buying your old Audi vehicle, we only offer fair, market value and competitive offers.

We Buy Everything (But Here's Some Audi Models for Inspiration)

When we say we'll buy an Audi model of any model year and in any condition, we absolutely mean it! With that said, however, we still think it's valuable to go over some of the more popular Audi models that we regularly purchase. If for nothing else but inspiration, here's a look at some of the most popular Audi models we've purchased from people just like you:

  • A3: The A3 is available in standard sedan format or in an S3 “sportback” format that includes a hatch. It’s also available as the A3 Cabriolet. It’s classified as a subcompact executive vehicle.
  • A4: The A4 is a step up from the A3 and is Audi’s compact executive vehicle. It has been in production since 1994.
  • S4: The S4 is similar to the A4, but it’s characterized as Audi’s high-performance version of the vehicle. It’s been in production longer than the A4 and is a mix between a luxury car and sports sedan.
  • A5: This executive coupe has been in production since 2007. The A5 is also available in a coupe format and as the A5 Cabriolet.
  • S5: Just as how the S4 is the performance version of the A4, the S5 is Audi’s sporty, performance version of the A5. The S5 is also available in a coupe format and as the S5 Cabriolet.
  • A6: The A6 is Audi’s executive vehicle. It entered production in 1994 and is currently in the midst of its fifth generation of production. It succeeded the Audi 100.
  • S6: You’ve seen a pattern here with how the automaker’s S-version vehicles are sportier versions of its A-family of vehicles. The S6 is no exception – it’s a sporty version of the A6.
  • A7: The A7 is a mid-sized luxury vehicle that’s been in production since 2010, when it replaced the Audi 100 Coupe S. It’s high in style too, largely thanks to its sleek, steep rear window.
  • S7: The S7 version of the A7 has been in production since 2012. It’s offered with up to a V8 engine under the hood, though the standard engine offering is a V6.
  • A8: The A family of Audi vehicles ends with the A8, which is Audi’s full-size luxury sedan. It’s been in production since 1994 and is currently in the midst of its fifth generation of development.
  • A4 Allroad: Drawing inspiration from the Audi station wagon is the Audi Allroad, which has been in production since 1999.
  • Q3: Audi’s line of crossover vehicles begins with the Q3, a subcompact luxury crossover that has been in production since 2011 worldwide and since 2015 in North America.
  • Q5: The Q5 is a step up from the Q3, and characterized as a compact luxury crossover. The SUV comes with a 2 liter TFSI engine in the United States.
  • Q7: Audi’s mid-size crossover SUV is the Q7. This four-door vehicle is built in Slovakia, and currently in the midst of its second generation of development.
  • TT Coupe: Sports car meets style with the TT Coupe, a two-door compact vehicle that’s currently in its third generation of development. There’s also the TT Roadster in the family.
  • RS 3: In addition to its A-series vehicles, Audi also offers sedan vehicles as part of its R family, such as the R3.
  • RS 7: Mix a sports car with an executive style car and you get the RS 7.
  • R8: This two-seat sports car has been built since 2006. The R8 is also available in an R8 Spyder version.

Contact Us Today for More Information

For more information on how our process works and to get started, contact us or log on to our website today. We're happy to explain more about how our business platform works and we'd be delighted to have the honor of making you an offer on your old Audi today. With how fast, easy and hassle-free our process is, you really have nothing to lose from working with us. Contact us today for more information or to get started.