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Sell an Acura Online Today

Acura's are designed to be top performers in their respective segments, but when they reach the end of their life (either by choice or by incident), do you know what you're going to do with yours? And when we say "by choice or by incident," we mean it. That's right, we'll buy your Acura off you regardless of the tread on the tires, the model or model year, and what condition it's in. Have an Acura that you think would be better scrapped for parts or rendered to the junk yard? Stop Googling "Acura salvage yard near me" and "sell Acura for parts," because we'll buy it off you.

Sell My Acura
We Buy Used Acura

Yes, we'll make you an offer and pay you in cold, hard cash for any Acura regardless of it's condition. We'll buy your Acura whether it's in mint condition or if it's barely still together. It's a big part of what makes our business so different from many others in the industry. This page is designed to serve as an overview of our process, and it includes some information on the benefits of working with us, when to sell your Acura for the highest price and some of the models that we regularly purchase. Feel free to peruse this page for more information or just jet on over to our website to kick start the process of getting an estimate on your used Acura.

Why Work With Us to Sell Your Acura?

Why work with us to sell used Acura vehicles? If your old Acura won't start, is totaled or is in poor condition, we just might be your best bet to getting rid of it. And we won't make you an offer begrudgingly, we actually prefer and specialize in buying Acura cars that require extensive maintenance or that won't ever set tire to road again. Now, that's not to say that we won't buy any other Acura out there, which brings us to the other benefits of doing business with us:

  • We're fast: Take your car to the used car dealer to sell and what do you get? They want to test drive it. They want to run it by a mechanic to see how much work it needs. They may even try to sell you a new car and loop in the buy back with a trade in, which is typically much less than what you'd get if you were to sell it outright. Then, after hours of sitting in the dealership, they come back with an offer that's far less than what you were expecting. We don't operate that way. All you need to do to start the process to sell your Acura is log on to our website, enter in some information about your vehicle and then we'll make you an offer within minutes. If you decide to continue working with us, that's great! But if the offer doesn't meet your expectation, the most you're out is just a few minutes. You can't beat that for convenience.
  • We're hassle-free: Speaking of our offers, if you decide that we're not the right fit for you during any step of the process, we won't hold it against you. We'll wish you luck and invite you to come back and work with us if you have a change of heart. We'll never pressure you into a sale or guilt you into working with us. We're just not that kind of company. And being that our process can be carried out online, you'll never even have to talk to a person to tell them that you're not interested in the offer - you can simply close out the Internet browser.
  • We're fair: We take our business very seriously. And part of our credibility is based on the fact that we offer fair, market value offers for all of the Acura automobiles we purchase. We rely on various reputable industry resources to help us determine our estimates, so you can rest assured that we'll never try to rip you off. We'll even be completely transparent with you and show you how we got to the offer that we're proposing. It's all a part of the way we do business. We're ethical, honorable and do our very best to make the buy back process easy and fair.

When Should I Sell My Acura to You?

Answer: There's never a bad time to sell because we never stop buying them. However, if you want to maximize the cash you're able to receive, try to shoot to sell it prior to when the automotive market value resources are updated. That's because the older a car is, the less it's likely to be valued at in most cases. Usually, these resources are updated sometime before the end of the year, so anytime from fall until the new year is ideal to fetch the best offer. However, with this being said, life can get unpredictable and certainly this timeframe may not be ideal. No worries - we make offers on Acuras at any time of the year. Like we said, there's never a bad time to sell.

We'll Buy Any Acura (But Here are Some Models for Inspiration)

Any model. Any model year. Any condition. Those are our three principles when it comes to buying Acuras. In case you want to sell a Acura, however, we've decided to list some of the more popular models that we purchase. Here's a look at them (and remember, we'll buy anything):

  • ILX: This is Acura's version of the compact sedan, and it's been in production since 2013. The four-door sedan is classified as a compact executive car, and it serves as the successor to the popular RSX model from Acura.
  • TLX: Like the ILX, Acura's TLX model is another entry-level, compact sedan. And like the ILX, it's also a newer model offered by the automaker. Specifically, Acura just began making the vehicle for the 2015 model year.
  • RLX: The RLX is a step up from both the ILX and TLX, and it ranges in size from a mid-size to a full-size luxury vehicle. It packs some power under the hood too, thanks to its 3.5 liter V6. Having been in production since 2014, the RLX was proceeded by the RL.
  • RDX: Acura was a little bit late getting into the compact SUV game, but the RDX is a solid entry into the field. Its introduction in 2006 marked Acura's first foray into the vehicle segment, and the RDX is still in development today. It's a five-door SUV that's in the midst of its third generation of development.
  • MDX: Though Acura was late getting into the compact SUV game, it has been making the MDX, a mid-size crossover, since 2000. It's currently in the midst of its third generation and is also offered in a hybrid version.
  • NSX: This mid-engine sports car had two separate production stints. Its first was from 1990 to 2005, and its second began in 2016 and is still going today. The name "NSX" stands for "new sportscar experimental." Today's NSX is made as a hybrid vehicle.
  • TSX: The TSX was a compact executive car that Acura made from 2003 to 2014. Though it was eventually replaced by the ILX and TLX, it's a vehicle that's still driven by many Acura consumers today.
  • RL: This mid-size four-door sedan eventually gave way to the RLX, however this mid-size sedan was in development from 1996 to 2012 and spanned two generations of production.
  • TL: Another mid-size luxury sedan that eventually gave way to the new-age models that Acura makes today, the TL was made from 1996 to 2014. It was proceeded in development by the Vigor.
  • ZDX: This four-door mid-sized sedan's lifespan was short lived, as it was only produced from 2010 through 2013. One of the neat things about the ZDX is that it was the only Acura at the time to offer a panoramic moon roof. However, because of poor sales, it was eventually discontinued, giving way to the RDX.
  • Vigor: Though the Vigor was technically made by Honda - Acura's parent company - many associate the Vigor as being an Acura model. It was initially developed as a compact car from 1981 through 1995 and was also lengthened to serve as a mid-size sedan from the 1989 to 1995 model years.

Contact Us Today for More Information About Our Acura Buying Model

Thanks for learning about our business. If you want to take that next step and sell a Acura online, we invite you to contact us or visit our website to get things started. Remember, we'll buy any model Acura regardless of the shape that it's in and all it takes is a few minutes for us to propose an offer. You've really got nothing to lose by just giving us a shot. For more information, contact us today. With a process that's so fast, easy and hassle-free as ours, you've really got nothing to lose.