Transmission Problems

The transmission on your decade-old car is almost gone and you’re looking to get it fixed. The only problem is, the cost of transmission repair can get you anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. Do you sell your car with transmission problems or cough up cash for the costly repair?

Sell My Car Online has dealt with plenty of car owners with such a dilemma. Should you go the route of selling your car, we’re the company to buy it. And we tell you exactly why:

  • Great offers for your car with transmission problems
  • Free towing and removal of the car
  • Free quotes over the phone
  • 5-day acceptance period
  • All payments provided in cash

Once you’ve decided that selling your car is best, contact our offices for your free, no obligation quote.

We Offer Great Prices for Cars with Transmission Trouble

If your car is more than 15 years old, it’s likely that the cost of a new transmission outweighs the value of your vehicle, no matter the condition. After all, it’s an older car with lots of mileage. Add to that the potential for other needed repairs and maintenance in the near future. With costs to repair or replace the transmission ranging in the lower to upper thousands, you have to ask yourself: u201chow much more use will I get out of my car with transmission problems?

  • It has other mechanical issues u2013 sell it
  • The car is no longer worth much u2013 sell it
  • If you won’t get at least 2 more years out of the vehicle despite repairs u2013 sell it.

Sell My Car Online will pay you cash for your car with transmission trouble. All you have to do is accept our offer.

Are There Other Options to Sell My Car with Transmission Problems?

Yes, there are a few options:

  • Sell working parts to an auto part buyer
  • Place an ad for your car in classifieds online
  • See what the trade-in value is at a dealership
  • Donate your vehicle just to get it off your property

We can tell you from experience that the above options are not that easy. An auto part buyer likely won’t have much use for parts on a decade-old car. Waiting for the right buyer through online classifieds can take ages. Dealerships aren’t going to offer you much for a car they have to invest thousands into repair. And while donating is a noble deed, it won’t do much to help you get a new car.

Sell My Car Online is the Best Option for Selling Your Car with Transmission Problems

No matter how you slice it, working with an auto recycling company near you such as Sell My Car Online is your best bet to get top dollar for your car with transmission problems. If you want to learn more or find out how much you’ll receive, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (855) 929-0828.