Totaled Cars

You have been in a major accident and totaled your car. Thankfully you survived with few injuries, but your car is totaled.  Your insurance company won’t cover the expense if you have liability insurance, and if you have full coverage on an old car, you’re not going to get much back for a totaled car. Totaled means that the cost of repairing the car is far more than the value of the car if it were fully functional. To another car buyer or a dealership, these things would raise red flags, but to Sell My Car Online, a totaled car is still a thing of beauty to our eyes. Here is what we bring to the table:

  • No condition is too major
  • Best rate for your totaled car
  • 24-hour turnaround time on pickup
  • Cash payments in just a day
  • Friendly customer service
  • Experts in the auto recycling industry

Sell My Car Online comes with an arsenal of attributes that make us the best totaled car buyer near you. Contact our offices for more information.

We Have Use for Totaled Cars When No One Else Does

A dealership has no need for a car that is too costly to repair. An individual car buyer is not going to want to stress over making all those repairs and will likely move onto other, more operable cars. A towing service will take the car to an auto salvage yard for you, but they are not going to pay you for it u2013 it’s junk. Sell My Car Online, however, sees value in your car despite it being totaled. Approximately 75 percent of your totaled car is recyclable. Recycling just one car helps to cut down on the cost and amount of energy it takes to make a new one, so to us, it’s worth something. We will offer you top dollar and recycle your totaled car or truck without issue.

How Fast Can I Sell My Totaled Car?

We are sure you don’t want to wait days, weeks, or months to receive cash for your totaled car. You want the cash now so that you can get another car to drive.  We’ve been doing this a while. We know what our customers want. They want fast and courteous service with quick payouts. We hear you loud and clear. If you contact one of our representatives today, we will complete the process, and if all goes well, you’ll have your car removed and cash in your hands within 24 hours. Yup! In just 24 hours, you could have cash for your totaled car. How’s that for fast and friendly service?

No Title, No Worries, Sell My Car Online Can Still Help

nLost your title? Registration not valid? That’s ok. We understand that these things happen. While it may take us a bit longer to verify ownership of the vehicle for transfer, we can still make you an offer you will not refuse. After everything has been sorted out, we will pick up the vehicle and give you cash for your totaled car. Give us a call today at (855) 929-0828 to schedule an appointment.