Sell Your Car in Detroit, MI

Sell My Car in Detroit, MI

Are you thinking about selling your used car, but are unsure how to get the ball rolling? You should consider working with used car buyers to help you sell your car in Detroit, MI fast. We serve customers throughout the Detroit area, from Rosedale Park to Corktown, so give us a call today. Spend your time cheering on the Detroit Lions, not on the phone calling around to shop around for car quotes. Consider these benefits of working with used car buyers who can make the process as easy as ABC. They’ll make you think twice about trying to sell your car yourself.

Used Car Buyers

Sell Your Car Quickly.

Everyone wants to sell their car for close to their asking price and quickly – but is that a possibility? When you work with used car buyers, it can become a reality. Keep in mind that often in cars that are for sale by owner, the odds are against the owner. Detroit is the most crowded city in Michigan, with an estimated population of 677,420 people in 2017. This means there are always thousands of cars for sale. Consider calling us today; we will buy your car at an attractive price. You don’t have to wait for months and spend long hours trying to sell your car to prospective buyers. Instead, you can enjoy your time at the Detroit Institute of Arts or eating some thin-crust pizza at Supino Pizzeria.

Have a Detailed Appraisal Process.

You probably have a to-do list that is a mile long or other priorities that take up your time. The process of selling your car is just another one of those tasks you’re dreading. When you work with us, know that we make the appraisal process simple. Call us or visit our website to learn more about our appraisal process. We need some basic information about your car to help us determine its value. Those details – your car’s make and model and condition – are key facts we need to appraise your car. Don’t spend your Saturday morning at the dealership waiting for an offer. Wouldn’t you rather be at Mudgie’s Deli eating a sausage gravy skillet or French toast?

We Give You a Quote — Fast.

You probably don’t want to drive to various Detroit dealerships, from Greektown to Indian Village, shopping around for car quotes. Do you want to know how to sell your car fast? If so, here is your answer: contact us and share details about your car today. If you have no liens on your vehicle and have its title on hand, we can offer you cash. We know you’re a busy person, so don’t spend the few free hours you have trying to sell your car. Instead, enjoy Detroit and the many things to do around the metro. Try biking or jogging at Belle Isle Park or watch a show at Fox Theatre.

We Give You a Competitive Offer.

There is nothing more frustrating about getting low offers on your car than getting no offers at all. If that’s the conundrum you’re in and you’re ready to hasten the sales process, contact us for a competitive offer. We serve customers in Detroit and throughout the U.S. We also offer fast auto removal free of charge, whether you live in Russell Woods or East English Village.

Buy All Types of Cars.

One more reason to work with us is we buy all types of cars in Detroit. It’s okay if your car isn’t in excellent condition or if it doesn’t have low mileage. We buy all makes and models of cars and we will offer you what it’s worth. If you’re looking to eliminate some stress in your life, we can help you sell your car. We make the process easy so you can focus on bigger and more important things.


If you live in the Detroit area, from the Boston-Edison Historic District in the heart of Detroit to Delray, we can help you sell your car fast. The process of selling a car by owner is a physically and emotionally draining task. That’s why we strive to make the process as seamless as possible for our customers. Work with experienced car buyers in Detroit so you can sell your car in a snap. Call us now at (855) 929-0828 for your quote.