Sell My Car in Indianapolis, IN

Selling an old car is not most people’s idea of a good time, but you don’t have to put up with the hassle. Sell your car in Indianapolis, Indiana, the easy way with us. It doesn’t matter what shape your car is in because we can buy your car in any condition.

Why choose Here are just a few good reasons:

  • It’s a safe way to sell your car in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • It’s fast.
  • We pick your car up anywhere you are in Indianapolis.
  • It’s better to sell to us than to Autotrader.
  • Instantly sell your car and get cash today!

 How It Works

  1. You will give us information about your car, and we will give you a cash offer for your car in Indianapolis, Indiana. All you need to do is give us some information on the vehicle, including the car’s history, trim level, vehicle condition and the exact mileage.
  2. After we have the necessary information, our trained experts will research your vehicle and let you know what it is worth. We will make you an offer in as little as 30 minutes. If you don’t like the offer, we won’t hassle you. If you want to take the offer, you provide us with a little more information about the vehicle and where it is located in the Indianapolis area. Then, we can have an associate contact you to arrange a time for pickup at no cost to you. There is no pressure! You have all the time you need to make a decision.
  3. We will come to you anywhere you may be, whether you are in Acton, Bean Creek, Chapel Hill, Downtown Indianapolis, Eagledale, Fountain Square, Garfield Park, Holy Cross or Windsor Park. We can even make an appointment to meet you at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.
  4. When we arrive to pick up the car, we will pay you your money on that same day. So, make sure that you gather all your paperwork and have it ready for us when our tow truck rolls in (again, free towing!). We will accept the car’s title and leave you with your check!

Tips for Car Sellers in Indianapolis

When you are typing your vehicle’s information into the online form, make sure that everything is accurate. We will not be able to give you a valid offer if there are any mistakes. If the offer you receive is acceptable to you, the system will ask you to input the vehicle’s VIN so that the vehicle’s information can appear. In the event of errors, the errors will be registered, and this may require that we change the offer. So, ensure that everything is correct when you reach this point.

When you are asked about the condition of your vehicle, be completely honest. We buy junk cars, old cars, and used cars no matter what condition they are in, so don’t be shy about giving us an accurate description of your car.

You must also be realistic about how much money your vehicle is worth. A lot of people want to believe that their vehicles are worth more than they actually are, so they expect to receive a higher offer than what is realistic. Remember that your car is not in the best condition and that few people will want to buy it. On top of that, those interested in buying an old car do not want to pay the highest prices for them. Although, with us, you can be sure to receive top dollar.

When you are ready to sell your car in Indianapolis, Indiana, you must have all your documents ready for us. In most cases, we will need the vehicle’s title. Have it in your hand when we arrive to haul your car away. Just sign the title over to us and we’ll give you cash for your clunker right then and there!

Title Transfers in Indiana

In order to transfer your car’s title in Indiana, complete the following steps:

  • Write the car’s odometer reading in the box on the left side of the page.
  • Sign the line underneath the first box. If your company owns the vehicle, print your job title in the company next to your signature.
  • If there is a second owner, this person’s signature should go in the next line. His or her title will need to be printed on the line next to the signature.
  • The first seller prints his or her name on the next line.
  • The second seller prints his or her name on the line after that.
  • Next, enter the date you sold the vehicle, the car’s sale price, the value of the trade-in vehicle and the price the purchaser paid.
  • Under “Name of Purchaser,” write the buyer’s name. Also, write in the second buyer’s name.
  • The buyer’s street address goes on the next line.
  • The buyer’s city, state and zip code go on the line after that.
  • Skip several lines and sign the “Signature of Purchaser” line. The second buyer also signs on this line.
  • The buyer prints his or her name on the last line. If there is a second buyer, he or she prints his or her name in this line as well.

If you need more information, you can also visit the website for Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles.


  • You can sell your car in Indianapolis, Indiana, today!
  • We will pick up the vehicle anywhere you are in the Indianapolis metro area.
  • We will give you a check right at that moment. is safer than selling your car to a dealership, and you will get more money for the car with us, without the need for endless haggling.

When you sell your car to in Indianapolis, Indiana, you don’t have to waste your time placing ads in the newspapers. Then, you don’t have to invite strangers to come to your house.

Our dedicated team will assist you throughout the entire process. That means that if you need assistance transferring the title or obtaining the paperwork, our team will help you. We also have a team of representatives, and they will answer any questions that you have over the phone, email or chat.

We make you a hassle-free offer in a matter of minutes! All you need to do to receive one is call us at (855) 929-0828 or fill out our online form.

We are connected to the many auto auctions and car buyers in Indianapolis, Indiana. Through this wide network, we can ensure that you receive the best price possible in the state.

We are highly rated car buyers, and we have several great reviews from customers to prove it.

Wherever you are in Indianapolis, we will pick up your vehicle for free. If you are in Avon, Brownsburg, Pittsboro, Bargersville, McCordsville, Noblesville, New Palestine, Westfield, Carmel or Zionsville, we will come to you. We will even come to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

After we inspect your vehicle to ensure that we received an accurate description, we can give you a check right on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I sell my car fast in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Ensure that you have all the information the buyer needs before you ask for an offer. This includes all the necessary paperwork and accurate information about the vehicle.

What’s the best way to sell my car in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Of course, we think the best way to sell a car is to sell it to gives you the highest offers for a car in Indianapolis, Indiana.

What paperwork do I need to sell my car?

You need to have the car’s title and the registration.

How do I prepare a state title?

  • You must use a pen with blue or black ink.
  • You must not cross anything out on the title or use white-out. Doing this will void the title, and you will have to apply for a duplicate title.
  • If you changed your name since you obtained the car title, don’t sign it with your new name. It must be signed with the same name that is on the title.
  • If your car has a lienholder, obtain the lienholder’s permission before you sell the vehicle.

See above for our specific instructions on how to sign and transfer the car title in Indiana.

How do I sell my junk car in Indianapolis?

We also pay cash for junk cars in Indianapolis, Indiana, so call us for an instant offer no matter what condition your car is in currently. We’re junk car buyers that will give you top dollar for your vehicle. in Indianapolis, Indiana, will buy any type of vehicle. If your car has water damage, hail damage or mechanical problems, we will buy it from you. We can purchase your Chevrolet, Honda, BMW, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, Chrysler, Mazda, or Kia. We even buy totaled cars! Just call us for your no-obligation quote: (855) 929-0828.