Columbus, Ohio

Drivers in Columbus are likely to pass by the world’s largest gavel at the Supreme Court building while driving or walking along the popular Scioto River. Selling a car online for cash should be as easy as catching a glimpse of this famous landmark. Our company makes it possible to get an offer on any vehicle in the time needed to take a selfie next to the gavel on Front St. 

Sell Your Car Online in Columbus, Ohio

We provide a safe, trusted site for you to sell your vehicle online for top dollar in Columbus, Ohio. Make sure that you organize your vehicle’s information for the best results. Having these documents in one location can help you get an accurate offer. Once you enter the information into our system, check carefully for typos and other mistakes. There are only a few steps in the process, and we guide you through it to keep it simple and fast. 

Here are the main highlights of our process: 

  • We can provide you with an instant quote within a few minutes.
  • Our business is well-connected with local car buyers and auction outlets for vehicles. This allows us to offer you the highest rates on your new, used, or old car – even junk vehicles!
  • We make selling a car online easier and more profitable than trading in the car to a local dealer.
  • We pick up vehicles anywhere in the Columbus area, and you get a check paid right on the spot.
  • Enjoy the convenience of knowing that you can sell your car instantly, get free towing, and get paid on the same day

How it Works 

We can only make an offer based on the accuracy of your data. If you make a mistake, we will simply adjust the offer to reflect the new information. Make sure you input the vehicle information and VIN accurately to get the fastest response. We buy new cars, used cars, damaged cars, and junk cars from Honda, BMW, Ford, Kia, Toyota, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Volkswagen, Jeep, Lexus, and many other brands. Sell your unwanted car to us; we’ll take it of your hands!

  1. Visit our website and enter the requested details about your vehicle. We will get you a no-hassle instant cash offer within a few minutes.
  2. We may ask you a few additional questions after you accept the offer. This usually includes the vehicle’s current location as well as the VIN and vehicle history.
  3. We will make sure the title transfer is done correctly before we give you the payment. Upon arrival, we’ll verify that the title is signed over as needed.
  4. Our private party towing service will come right to you for free and take the car.

Tips for Sellers in Columbus, Ohio

Sellers benefit from following some best practices for selling a car online in Columbus. The offer will be made based on the market value as determined by credible sources like Autotrader and the Kelley Blue Book. We give this advice because many people get attached to their car and have high expectations of what the vehicle is worth.
The car’s market value will never factor in its sentimental value, so sellers should be prepared for this fact. If the vehicle is old and damaged or has been in an accident, the offer may be lower than expected. Remember to organize your documents and get the vehicle ready before we arrive. The title and registration are essential in most cases.

Benefits and Features

Our site allows you to avoid the hassles of posting car listings and advertisements on public forums, which require you to take high-resolution photographs and deal with multiple inquiries. Using our site also allows you to sell the car without having strangers come to your home for a test drive.
Our company maintains high ratings, and we are proud of our customer testimonials and reviews. We provide you with a dedicated support team to help you throughout the entire process of selling your car online for cash. Our responsive staff communicates with you through email, chat or phone calls. We answer your questions so that you can get the transaction completed and get your cash fast.

  • Fill out a form online, and get a no-hassle offer in less time than it takes to hum your favorite tune.
  • Our company has connections in Columbus, and we leverage this network to get you the best prices for your vehicle.
  • We pick up vehicles anywhere in the Columbus metro including Upper Arlington, Plain City, Dublin, Westerville, Worthington, Blacklick, Brice, Groveport, New Albany, and other suburbs.
  • We come right to your location and make sure that the vehicle title transfer process is done correctly. After we inspect your vehicle, we remove it from your property for free and issue your check on the spot.
  • This is a great way to sell your car today without extended delays or hassles. Most of our clients complete the transaction between 24 and 48 hours after accepting the online quote. We know that no one wants to drag out the process.

Vehicle Title Transfers in Columbus, Ohio

Each state has different laws for transferring car titles. In Ohio, the title must have an odometer reading that is verified in the presence of an official notary of the public. The price, buyer’s information, date of transfer, and other items must be entered correctly. If you enter any information onto the title incorrectly, it will no longer be valid. This will compel you to get a duplicate title, which will delay the process. To avoid mistakes, don’t fill out the title without a notary present. You will also need form BMV 3774 Application for Certificate of Title and a valid photo ID and pay the title fees. Our associate will help ensure that your paperwork is complete and that the title is transferred correctly.


Q. How is it possible to sell my car online in Columbus quickly? 

A. Just make sure that you get all the vehicle papers organized. When you input the requested information into our system, double-check to ensure that you didn’t make any mistakes. 

Q. What’s the best method for selling a car in Columbus? 

A. has a solid reputation for getting cars sold quickly, and we get you the highest payments in Columbus, Ohio. 

Q. What kind of documents are needed in order to sell my car online for cash?

A. At the minimum, you will need the vehicle registration and title. You should also gather documents related to the vehicle history, VIN, odometer reading, maintenance history, and other vehicle records. 

Q. How can I transfer a vehicle title in Ohio?

A. In the state of Ohio, you must have the title notarized, and you must bring a photo ID to the notary office or Bureau of Motor Vehicles. We advise you to leave the title blank until the public notary can help you transfer it correctly. Mistakes will cause you to spend time and money getting a duplicate issued.  We’ll make sure it’s signed properly when we arrive.

Q. Does buy junk cars for cash?

A. Yes. does not just buy used cars – we’re junk car buyers as well. We will make an offer on junk vehicles regardless of their current condition. Call us, or fill out our form online, and get an offer instantly. We’ll provide free junk car removal to sweeten the deal.