Atlanta, GA

Vehicle owners in Atlanta have to become familiar with rush hour traffic, congested freeways and blocked intersections like the one at 14th and Spring. Learning how to sell your car in Georgia is equally necessary. Our company makes it possible to get around common obstacles and barriers that cause sellers to make costly mistakes. We make transferring a vehicle title in this state as easy as an Atlanta driver learning how to avoid the I-285 when it’s been raining.

Overview of Selling a Car Online in Atlanta

Our company makes the online car-selling process fast, easy and accurate. Our offers are based on credible sources like the Kelly Blue Book and Autotrader and are adjusted based on the vehicle condition, history, VIN records, and other factors. We provide a simple process for people who need to sell cars with mechanical issues, transmission problems, body damage, high mileage, and other defects.

Get started selling your car online right away:

  • Go to our user-friendly website, and provide details about your vehicle.
  • Receive your instant offer, and review it carefully before making your decision. We might also require additional information about the vehicle at this stage.
  • We are connected with local car buyers, and this leverage gets you the best price.
  • Enjoy free vehicle pickup service anywhere in Atlanta. You’ll even get a check issued to you on the spot.
  • Sell your car today and get paid instantly.  

How it Works

Fill in your information, review your offer and schedule a pickup; it’s really that easy. When you accept an offer from our company, you will be getting top dollar for your vehicle. This is a great resource for people interested in getting rid of a used, old or junk car; however, we also make excellent offers for vehicles in premium condition. You can expect a higher cash offer if the vehicle is a popular model without any unusual paint tones.

We make offers on cars and trucks from a variety of brands:

  • Toyota
  • Dodge
  • Honda
  • Kia
  • BMW
  • Chrysler
  • Ford
  • Jeep
  • Hyundai
  • Nissan
  • and many more!

Sell your used car online through our website, and get an offer within a few minutes. We make offers on cars regardless of any problems; however, the offered amount will certainly reflect the condition of the vehicle.

  • To get a quote from us, you must provide details about your vehicle make, year, model, trim and other requested information.
  • Check to make sure that you made no errors or omissions. Mistakes and typos during data entry will cause you to get an inaccurate offer.
  • We will make an offer based on this information, and we may also need the VIN and your address for scheduling a pickup.
  • After accepting your offer, we will have a representative set up an appointment to pick up your vehicle at the location you provide.
  • Please wait until we arrive before filling out the title. Mistakes can cause delays, and you might have to go to the state DMV office to request a duplicate if you fill it out wrong.

Top Tips for Atlanta Sellers

Selling a vehicle online is now faster and easier than going to a local dealer for a trade-in. We encourage you to take a look at our website before deciding how to sell your car in Atlanta. You can always get an offer and compare it to other offers in your local area; you will discover that we make the best offers based on the Kelly Blue Book market value.

Consider the hassles that go into alternative selling methods. We also advise sellers to be realistic about the amount of money you should expect from an older car. There is often a personal history involved with a car, and the seller might mistake emotional value for market value. This is especially true for used vehicles that have been in an accident. When we run the VIN, we will learn about any reported accidents, and this will lower the market value beneath what the blue book or Autotrader listings report.

In-Depth Features, Benefits

Our company maintains a stellar reputation in this industry, and we go that extra mile to ensure that you get the support you need. Customer reviews and testimonials benefit our relationships with new clients, so we want to ensure that each person gets the quality support needed.

Consider the following features and benefits:

  • This is a safe and trusted method for selling cars online for the most money in Atlanta. Our process beats taking photos, running public ads and allowing strangers to visit your home for a test drive.
  • Enjoy the support of our dedicated team. Our support package includes the ability to talk with a representative about your questions via email communications, live chat windows or traditional phone calls.
  • Get a hassle-free offer within a few minutes. Call us or fill out our form online to get an offer faster than it takes to get a pizza delivered.
  • Our local network includes quality dealers, buyers, and auto auctions in the area. These relationships allow us to offer you the highest price based on market values.
  • We come to your area for free and remove your car. We can meet you if you live in North Decatur, Milton, Peachtree Corners, Roswell, Marietta, Chamblee, Alpharetta, and other Atlanta suburbs.
  • Get paid on the spot when we successfully help you transfer the vehicle title at your pickup location. Do not fill out the title before we get there because mistakes create delays.
  • We use a private party towing service to remove your vehicle for free.
  • Most of the transactions get completed between 24 to 48 hours after the offer is accepted. No one likes prolonging a sale.

The Title Transfer Process in Atlanta

Transferring the title requires you to have the title in your own name. Talk with our representative if there is a lien on the vehicle because it must be released. Sellers in Georgia must have state liability insurance on the vehicle at the time of the transfer, and it must be current and valid. There are some fees and taxes associated with vehicle transfers, and we can help you to make sure these are paid before signing. Ask our support team if you have any questions about the Emission Inspection Certificate, MV-1 Title/Tag Application, fees, taxes or license plate handling. We will help you transfer the title correctly and avoid the most common mistakes.


Q. What should I do to sell my car quickly in Atlanta?

A. If you want to sell the car fast, get your paperwork together and go to our site. We make you a no-obligation offer based on the accuracy of your data.

Q. What’s the best method for selling cars in Atlanta?

A. provides the best offers for all kinds of vehicles in Atlanta. We assist you every step of the way to avoid delays and mistakes.

Q. What paperwork is needed for selling cars through

A. We will need your title and registration. To ensure the most accurate offer, make sure that you also have your VIN, vehicle history, odometer reading and insurance information.

Q. Is it also possible to sell a junk car online?

A. Yes. We pay cash for junk cars in Atlanta, so you can call us to get an offer on a vehicle in any condition, even if it’s the clunkiest of clunkers. As an added bonus, you’ll benefit from free towing when you sell your junker to us.