Junk Cars

When a car stops running or encounters damage requiring costly repairs, it might as well be… a piece of junk. Sell My Car Online is a junk car buyer near you that knows the stresses and expenses of owning a junk car. That’s why we quote our customers top dollar to sell their junk car to us.

  • Hassle-free and honest quotes
  • Years of industry experience
  • We buy junk cars in any condition.
  • We offer some of the best rates in the industry
  • Fast and friendly customer service is guaranteed.
  • We can remove your junk car in 24 hours.

When your car has become too much of a pain to deal with, Sell My Car Online has the remedy. We can give you cash in exchange for your junk car.

Don’t Stress Over Your Junk Car

Cars are great – until they’re not. You’ve put a lot of money into maintaining it. Now, as “life” would have it, your car’s usefulness is diminishing. You may have started seeing the signs saying it’s time to ditch your used car. The increased trips to the gas station, repeated trips to the mechanic, and hours spent waiting for roadside assistance. They’re more than enough to convince you that it’s time to part ways with your junk car.

Unfortunately, selling a junk car to just anyone is not as easy as it seems. Dealerships and personal buyers all want the same thing – a car that has some usefulness. If your car is really junk, it’s not going to attract many buyers. This, in turn, makes getting rid of your junk car a lot more challenging.

Our Process Makes Selling Your Junk Car Easy

Unlike dealerships and personal buyers, Sell My Car Online wants to buy your junk car, regardless the shape it’s in. Holding onto a junk car is a pain. That’s why we have a junk car buying process that lets us provide service to you within 24 hours. How does it all work?

You call and provide us with some background information on your junk car, including the make, model, and year. We’ll need to collect proof of ownership which can either be your car’s registration or title. Based on varying factors, we provide you with an instant quote on your junk car. If you accept our offer, we’ll have someone dispatched within the next 24 hours (at your convenience of course).

Need time to consider our offer? Don’t worry. We’re so sure that we provide some of the best rates in the industry, that we allow all consumers 5 days to determine whether they want to accept the offer or not. This gives you time to look around to ensure you’re getting the absolute best offer for your junk car.

Sell My Car Online Will Take Your Junk Car Off Your Hands

Don’t let that junk car take another cent of your hard-earned money. Don’t even let it take up any more space on your property. When the wheels are just about to fall off, your best option is to sell your junk car for cash. Sell My Car Online, an auto recycling company near you, is sure to make you an offer that’ll please you. Call (855) 929-0828 for a free quote.