Where Can I Junk My Car for The Most Money?

Where Can I Junk My Car for The Most Money?

You can get the most money from junking your car with junk car buyers. There is a process, however, for determining which company will offer you the best bang for your buck. Here are tips to get the most from your junk car with junk car buyers, like Sell My Car Online.


The first step is to conduct an online search on who buys junk cars near you. The results pages will be filled with junk car buyers and salvage yards serving your area. Review their websites to see how their process works and review their accreditations. Check out consumer reviews to make sure it’s an actual company. Do this for at least 3 junk car buyers in your area.

Contact for a Quote

Once you have a list of junk car buyers in your area, call and get quotes for your junk car. Make sure that you provide as much detail as you can about the car. This way, the provide you with the most accurate estimate.

Ask About Actual Cost

Other junk car buyers out there will quote you an attractive price. That is until they show up the day of the pickup with less than the quoted amount. Given that, contact the junk car buyer to find out if there are any fees you should know about. Take this time to ask about additional fees such as towing costs, title transfer fees, etc. Find out anything else you may need to pay for out of pocket.

Compare Costs

Now you have a few quotes from junk car buyers and/or salvage companies near you. Do a comparison of the companies based on the quotes you received. Remember to calculate or account for any additional fees and factors that may adjust your quote amount. Choose the company that offers the best rate with few out-of-pocket expenses.

Consider Negotiating

Once you have the quotes, contact the junk car buyers again. See if they are willing to match their competitor’s quote. When it comes to gaining business, there are instances in which a junk car buyer might be willing to match or beat the quote from their competitor depending on how much of a gap there was, to begin with.

Now you’re equipped with all the necessary information you need to decide where you can junk your car for the most cash.

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