How to Sell a Wrecked Car for Parts?

How to Sell a Wrecked Car for Parts?

You can sell a wrecked car for parts simply by finding an interested buyer and negotiating a fair price. The amount you get depends on the condition and demand for the parts as well as the buyer.

There are circumstances in which selling your wrecked car for parts is more lucrative than repairing and keeping it or selling the whole car. This is especially true if your wrecked car is damaged beyond repair or simply too expensive to get operating again.

If you’re not going to get the payout you want from an insurance company and you can’t get any good offers from dealers or private buyers, breaking your wrecked car into pieces and selling it that way can put some much-needed cash in your hands.  Here’s the best process:

Have the Car Checked Out

Your first order of business would be to have the car inspected. Get a good idea of the condition of the car and any salvageable parts. The most sought after used car parts are often found in the engine, drive shaft, braking system, and transmission. Ask the mechanic to make a list of the parts that are good enough to sell. Request an estimate on how much they would be worth.

Find the Right Buyer

Although your car is wrecked, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t potential buyers out there looking to capitalize on your scraps and parts. True, a private buyer might not see any use in a wrecked car or its parts. But selling to a junk car buyer like Sell My Car Online, a used car part buyer, or a mechanic can be easy. Find your buyers by either contacting companies directly or by placing an ad in online classifieds and newspapers.

Negotiate Your Price

Once you start to get inquiries about your wrecked car and its used parts, negotiate a fair price. You may to want to get the most to lessen the financial blow this has likely taken on your wallet. However, you don’t want to price the parts so high that buyers quickly turn away. With a potential buyer, negotiate a price that is based on internet research and the price list from your mechanic.

Scrap the Metal

Once you’ve sold the parts from your wrecked car, maximize your earnings by scrapping the metal and other recyclable materials. Again, selling your car to a junk car buyer at this point is still a good idea. They pay you according to the weight of your vehicle.

If your wrecked car was otherwise maintained well, you should have no issues with finding the right buyer. Let a mechanic thoroughly inspect the parts and put a fair price on them for the best possible offer. If you need someone to take care of the scrap metal, give Sell My Car Online a call. Contact us at (855) 929-0828 for your free estimate and pickup.