Flood Damaged Cars

A car with water damage is like the plague – no one wants to come near it. And who could blame them? In the used car market, a car that has been submerged in water is no longer of interest to prospective buyers.

That is unless you sell your flooded car to Sell My Car Online. We aren’t only interested in the working parts of your car. The fact that the interior might be a bit moldy or the engine may have been flooded doesn’t really deter us from making an offer. We guarantee the following:

  • Water damage is a non-issue
  • Best offer possible for your car with water damage
  • Fast service
  • Removal of your car with flood damage in as few as 24 hours
  • Cash payment on the same day

If you’re going to sell your car with flood damage online, the best option is Sell My Car Online.

We Pay Top Dollar For Your Car with Flood Damage

Sell My Car Online has nixed the old methods of making an offer on a car based solely on its make, model, and condition. We want our customers to get the best offer possible for their cars with flood damage. That’s why we changed it up a bit.

Sure, we will still ask you about the make, model, year, and condition of the car. Ultimately though, we make our offer based on the weight or amount of recyclable materials in your flood-damaged car. And you can trust that what we quote you is what you will get on the day of pickup.

We are so confident of the rate that we’re offering you that we give you 5 days to think it over. Get other offers and find other buyers for your car with flood damage. We know that our price for your car is the best.

Are There Other Ways to Sell My Car with Flood Damage?

If you were to conduct an internet search of “ways to sell my car with flood damage,” you’ll be given a few different options and some resources to help you out. We try our best to educate our customers on the various options for selling their car online. Why? Because at the end of the day, we simply want you to be happy.

  • Posting a for sale ad on sites like Craigslist is one option. But it can take a lot of time for someone to be interested in a car with flood damage.
  • You could set up an account through an online auction site and give your car to the highest bidder. Even then the highest bid might not be an offer you love. You may also be responsible for the cost and process of shipping the vehicle to the customer.
  • Yet another option is selling your car to an auto parts buyer. If most of your auto parts have flood damage though, most won’t give you the time of day.

We know selling your car with flood damage online can be hard. That is why we offer an easier solution that gets money in your hand faster and gets that flooded car out of your sight.

Trust Sell My Car Online to Buy Your Car with Flood Damage

We offer full transparency when it comes to working with our customers. Informing you about the various options of selling a flood-damaged car is our goal. And we want to help you choose the right one.

If you’re looking for a fast, cost-effective solution to get rid of that car with flood damage, contact Sell My Car Online today at (855) 929-0828.