Damaged Cars

Google the term “sell my car online” and you’ll see thousands of options. How in the world do you weed through them? All you want to do is sell your car online without much trouble. You want someone to take the car off your hands without giving you too much flak about the condition or age of the vehicle. You want…

Sell My Car Online! We are one of the leading auto buyers in the industry. Yes, there are a ton of competitors out there and several options for selling your car online, but with Sell My Car Online:

  • You’ll receive a quote no matter how badly damaged your car is
  • You’ll receive the best possible rate for your car
  • We won’t try and haggle you on the price
  • We will remove the vehicle ASAP (typically within 24-72 hours of contact)
  • You will get cash on the date of pick up
  • We will recycle your damaged car properly

Get Cash for Your Damaged Car

Did the insurance company declare your car totaled?

Do you have liability insurance that doesn’t cover the cost of damage to your car?

Does the cost repair vastly outweigh the car’s value?

Why pull your hair out or stress another day when Sell My Car Online will offer you cash for your damaged car. We’re not concerned with the number and extent of the damages. We will make you an offer that will help put those troubles away.

Contact Sell My Car Online at (855) 929-0828 for an estimate on your damaged car today.

When Other Methods Don’t Work, Sell My Car Online is There

Have you ever tried to sell your damaged car? We can only imagine how that went.

The dealership probably told you that they have no use for the car. They might have even offered you a few bucks “for your troubles”.

Online classifieds may have its share of interested car buyers, but how many of them have the cash? Once they show some real interest, they probably will try and talk you down to a lower amount, or reject the deal altogether.

You probably even thought of just having a tow truck company come and get rid of the eyesore. But they charge for damaged car removal.

That’s why working with Sell My Car Online is the most convenient option. We put up an offer on your damaged car when no one else is willing to. We realize the potential in the vehicle and its parts and will pay you accordingly.

Reach out to us for a quote on your damaged car.

Sell Your Damaged Car Online in a Few Easy Steps

Selling your damaged car online to an auto recycling company near you is easy. All you have to do is give us a call. Provide a little information about your car and we give you a quote. Once you accept, just wait for us to pick the car up and pay you in cash.

How easy is that? Contact us at (855) 929-0828 to find out more about how to sell your damaged car online.